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The best seat covers for your Audi interior!

Here you can see a video with Zacasi seat covers already made. The model shown is our classic Monaco style from our Basic Design series, which is made of high-quality leather imitation and is available in beige color.
Price: 349 €

Refine the interior of you car with ZACASi

The custom-made car seat covers from Seat-Styler bestow the interior of your Audi with a long-lasting high-quality look. No matter which model you drive: you can order a true-to-detail, custom-and hand-made product for every Audi. Furthermore, you can select either one of the Basic Designs or configure your very own Audi seat cover, choosing from three materials and many colors and optional extras. Whatever your decision, upon correct installation the car seat covers from ZACASi, made following the OEM design, will fit your seats perfectly, and so tightly as if there were no seat covers.

The optimal seat covers for your Audi

The sporty elegance of the Audi only becomes visible with the right interior fittings. Hence, just as noble as the original upholstery by the car maker from Ingolstadt should the seat covers be that permanently cover the seats. Therefore, for Seat-Styler it is of high value that seat covers for the Audi match as exactly as possible those of the manufacturer’s original fittings. Therefore, the products by ZACASi are only made with highest-quality materials; besides, the seat covers are produced for each vehicle specifically, according to the original seam stitching of the respective car maker.

So, for the so-called OEM design (Original Equipment Manufacturer) the necessary vehicle details are established for each production, so that a perfect fitting can be guaranteed. Very different seat shapes and versions of back and head rests are inquired anew for every single car and taken into account during the production. Due to, you have the possibility of ordering perfectly manufactured and precisely fitting Audi seat covers for each current model. Check out for yourself:

The advantages of OEM designs from ZACASi

When you order an Audi seat cover at Seat-Styler, you benefit from considerable advantages that the production by ZACASi with the OEM design brings. By adopting the original seam stitching from Audi, a look is achieved that can be hardly told apart from the original leather upholstery ex factory. Because of that, the car interior always looks like new. In addition, the seat cover lies perfectly on the seat of your Audi, it is ideally manufactured, breathable, easy to clean and resistant – an absolutely high-quality product of the automobile industry.

At the same time, by ordering from Seat-Styler you avoid the high costs, time demand and the difficult installation that would come along with original leather upholstery ex factory. So, at Seat-Styler you benefit from the advantages and evade the disadvantages. Moreover, the new seat covers for your Audi, looking just like the original, increase the resale value of your vehicle in up to 300 percent. Hence, it also pays off for professional Audi dealers to invest in ZACASi seat covers.

Car protectors in basic or customized design as desired

The foundation for all seat covers is the OEM design, which ensures the original seam stitching of the car maker. Thereby, your Audi seat covers shall look like in detail is up to you alone. So, if you like keeping things simple and wish to be easy on your pocket, you have the choice among eight different Basic Designs, all named after well-known cities. The designs Paris, Tokyo, Dubai, Moscow, Monaco, Munich, Berlin and Montreal are all made of premium ZACASi imitation leather. Due to high demand can be partially promptly delivered, so that you do not have to wait long for them. According to whether you drive an Audi A3, A4, TT, etc., decide for the design that best suits your vehicle with optimal surface coverage.


Customized Seat Covers at Seat-Styler

If you love the special and the customized, at Seat-Styler you have the possibility of configuring your Audi seat cover completely by yourself. Here your personal taste shows to advantage. Moreover, you decide on the material (imitation leather, imitation leather with suede, real leather, real leather with suede) and the colors of the outer surface, inner surface and seam. Additionally, you can define extras such as perforation, piping, the styling of the ZACASi logos, as well as the design of the head rest.

Please note that perforation is only possible with imitation leather, as the small holes in the middle mainly have the function of enhancing air permeability, which is not necessary in real leather. As to piping, this is a special reinforcement of the rim between the inner and outer surfaces of your Audi seat covers, and mainly serves the purpose of visual individualization. In the customized configuration you further have the option of adding the Royal Step. Here, you can define the seam color according to your own taste. This way, the interior of your Audi will surely stand out from all other cars.

Installation of the Audi Seat Covers

A ZACASi fan shows the installation of the seat covers using his Audi A4 B7 Avant as example. Before-after photos are shown at the end of the movie.

What is more, the custom-made car seat protectors are meant for do-it-yourself installation. Therefore, a manual as well as an installation DVD make the fitting of the leather upholstery light and uncomplicated. Because of the very tight fitting, we recommend that a second person come to help, and to reserve some four hours for the process. Of course, the installation can also be accomplished at a local workshop or upholstery workshop.
The efforts pay off! After installation, the seats of your Audi are optimally covered and the fastening system of the covers is not visible.
The interior of your car looks just like that of the original leather upholstery ex factory, and even after years the vehicle still looks like new!

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