ZACASi Car Neck Pillows

Have you ever experience a muscle sore after a long drive? Or even just a 15 minutes drive feels like forever due to the uncomfortable position of your headrest? Stop destroying your body or your driving experience! We provide you the optimal solution which will improve your driving comfort and at the same time protecting your back and neck strong and healthy. Using our ZACASI car neck pillows, your neck will be supported with a comfortable cushion, allowing you to totally rest your back on the car seats, and with this cushion on your neck, your back posture is kept in a healthy good straight position.


Order your Car Neck Pillow!

Get two ZACASi originals and double your comfort with our Car Neck Pillow, which match your ZACASi leather upholstery for only £35,00!


Car Neck Pillows – Comfortable as never before!

Car Neck Pillows have never been so comfortable! With the new Car Neck Pillows of ZACASi you are not only creating a new car interor but the very comfortable cushions also improve your driving experience.

In accordance with our Basic-Designs, we are offering headrests in the same design besides our customized leather seat covers.

D1 Car Neck Pillow Basic Design Paris


D2 Car Neck Pillow Basic Design Tokio


D3 Car Neck Pillow Basic Design Dubai


D4 Car Neck Pillow Basic Design Moskau


D5 Car Neck Pillow Basic Design Monaco


D6 Car Neck Pillow Basic Design München


D7 Car Neck Pillow Basic Design Berlin


D8 Car Neck Pillow Basic Design Montreal


Advantages of ZACASi Car Neck Pillows

  • Relieves your neck muscles ✔
  • Easy installation by the rubber bands on the back side of the headrests✔
  • No deformation or slipping ✔
  • High quality PU leather ✔
  • The visual highlight in every car ✔

Further Informations about our ZACASi Car Neck Pillows

Our Car Neck Pillows offer high comfort thanks to a soft treatment. Their lenght of 27.7 cm and largeness of 30 cm make them compact and handy.

With Seat Styler, all your wishes will be fulfilled ! You can let embroider a ZACASi logo, or even your own logo, which will be individually customized for you.