Premium Seat Covers made of Artificial Leather

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Artificial leather

Car seat covers made of artificial leather are the most popular alternative to real leather seats. Leather is surely the noblest material for your seat covers and is breathable as well as has pleasant haptics. However, in contrast to artificial leather, seat covers made of natural leather are sensitive and difficult to clean.

The characteristics of artificial leather avoid a deep penetration of any kind of soiling into the seat and dirt stains on the surface are easy to remove with a damp cloth.

In addition, it provides better protection against everyday signs of wear and tear. Modern artificial leather products show no visible differences from natural leather ones and therefore improve the appearance of your car interior.

Why artificial leather?

The high-quality artificial leather is the classic for leather seat covers and the most popular material among our customers.

The advantages of choosing artificial leather seat covers:

  • Air permeable
  • Heat-resistant
  • Extremely easy to maintain
  • Resistant
  • Cheap price
  • Original leather look
Seat Covers Audi_A3

You can get our high-quality artificial leather seat covers for a price starting from 349 €!

 Color selection

With Seat-Styler, you have the possibility to customize your seat covers according to your wishes. These colors are made available when choosing the artificial leather material:

Artificial Leather Black


Artificial Leather White


Artificial Leather Grey


Artificial Leather Beige


If you want to benefit from an even greater color selection, we recommend using artificial leather in combination with imitation suede. Let yourself be surprised by the extensive possibilities!


We’ve already received plenty of customer pictures of our tailor-made seat covers. Take a look at our gallery and let yourself get inspired! We would also be very pleased to receive some of your pictures.


The installation of our seat covers is far less complicated than you might think. The example video can help you with it. In addition, a manual and an installation DVD are included in each order. 

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With the help of the ZACASi seat configurator you can select materials, colors and optional extras, (e.g. Piping or Royal Step) and design your individual seat covers according to your imagination for a noble car interior.

It doesn’t matter whether you need to replace old-fashioned or damaged seat covers or you simply prefer a new look for your car: Seat-Styler offers noble and high quality artificial leather seat covers that will give your car a new sheen.

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