Premium Faux Leather

 Unlimited color diversity with our premium material

custom made seat covers

The latest material, which can be used for the design of your own car seat cover, is our premium artificial leather with exclusive leather look. You can choose your own design from a wide variety of colors. Our noble premium imitation leather is available in many new great colors and offers you a boundless design freedom as well as other interesting options.

But not only the design diversity is new, the material also differs in its quality and its exclusive leather look from simple synthetic leather!

The reason why our premium faux leather is the best choice

The high-quality premium faux leather is comparable to our genuine leather thanks to the unique material selection. It is extremely supple, resistant to soiling as well as more durable than before. It offers optimum protection for your original seats and gives your vehicle a modern, individual look.

Seat covers Premium imitation leatherIn addition, you benefit from a 4-year premium warranty service!

Customer satisfaction is a key issue for us. Convince yourself and order our premium imitation leather.

Custom made seat covers BMW Series 3 e36

Experience style and luxury comfort at the highest level at a top price of 549€ !

  Color selection

With this first-class material, you have the opportunity to choose from a whole new range of colors. New, unique colors give your seat covers a completely fresh look.

Let your imagination run wild and customize your seat covers according to your wishes. By choosing this premium material, the new color palette is exclusively made available to you.

Seat Covers violet


Seat covers pink


Seat Covers White


Seat covers orange


Seat covers Yellow


Seat covers red


Seat covers black


Seat Covers dark brown

Dark Brown

Seat covers Gray


Seat covers beige


Seat covers garnet


Seat covers light brown

Light Brown

Seat covers green


Seat covers blue


Seat covers turquoise



We’ve already received plenty of customer pictures of our tailor-made seat covers. Take a look at our gallery and be inspired! We would also be very pleased to receive some of your pictures.


The installation of our seat covers is far less complicated than you might think. The example video can help you with it. In addition, a manual and an installation DVD are included in each order. 

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