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Car upholstrey from Seat-Styler can be purchased in different variants and materials, but only few really fit perfectly. Although make- and type-specific tailored seat covers are also offered, they are mostly made of elastic materials, which pucker and slip out of place over time. Many people simply pull car seat covers made of cotton or synthetic fabric over the original upholstery, but they seldom match the interior design or it is visible that they were acquired with the specific purpose of protecting the seats. These covers made of lambskin are just as unaesthetic: only rarely do they fit like a glove and the elegant interior look gets lost. Instead of an annoying compromise between looks and comfort, protective car seat covers from Seat-Styler offer a better solution: with us you can order your seat covers made of imitation or real leather, by request also containing suede parts, which are produced following the original seam stitching of your car maker. Seat-Styler commissions the premium-upholstery workshops ZACASi with the production of your seat covers, by request also according to your personal specifications. Hence, there are essentially three advantages in relation to conventional tailored protectors:

  1. Measuring of your vehicle seats is no longer necessary: You simply order your car upholstery online and do not need to forego your car while the covers are being produced by professional upholstery workshops according to your wishes.
  2. Your car upholstery made of artificial or real leather fit perfectly: through the use of the OEM seam stitching, your new seat covers fit as a second skin and have an elegant effect just as the original upholstery, without you having to remove the older covers.
  3. You save money compared to a conventional tailored production: Seat-Styler offers you the original ZACASi quality for an especially low price, and thanks to the uncomplicated do-it-yourself installation you further save time and costs.

Grant your car high-quality tailored seat covers: Seat-Styler offers the perfect solution for refreshing your old seat upholstery. If you have always dreamed of leather upholstery, the tailored leather seat covers from Seat-Styler are a fantastically uncomplicated and low-cost solution compared to leather upholstery directly from the car maker. Try it out: lots of customer photos on our website provide further convincing arguments.

Professional tailored seat covers at low price –What is the difference of Seat-Styler?

Custom-fitted seat covers for car made of real or artificial leather are normally ordered as a first upholstery from the car maker, or the refitting is commissioned from an upholstery workshop. The decisive disadvantages of these variants – high acquisition costs, high demand of time, barely any flexibility with regards to designs – are exactly that what you are spared at Seat-Styler. For perfectly fitting car protectors made of artificial or real leather, the upholsterer must usually measure the seats very precisely and fit the cuttings. During this time, you must leave your car at the upholstery shop and wait patiently. Seat-Styler asks for the precise vehicle data during the ordering process, i.e., make, model and construction year. In case you are unsure about the correct seat types, our experts clarify with you, using photos that you can send us via e-mail, which exactly your car seat model is. Seat-Styler works together with ZACASi, an association of professional upholstery workshops. They follow the original seam stitching of your car maker (OEM seam) on your car upholstery, which is why measuring out your car seats is no longer necessary. The OEM design is recreated in every detail with high-quality imitation or real leather, and thanks to additional lining underneath the covers later fit as a second skin. With the help of an intelligent fastening system and the installation manual and DVD delivered with your order, you simply pull the new seat covers over the old ones and hence visually and palpably upgrade the interior of your car.

Custom-Made car upholstery made of artificial leather has many advantages

Seat-Styler offers you car upholstery made of high-quality imitation leather in the popular and particularly low-cost Basic Designs as well as according to your personal design demands, by request also with inner seat parts made of suede. Such covers offer considerably more advantages as protectors made of cotton: the elegant look and pleasant surface feel are deceptively similar to real leather. The material is breathable, robust and can be easily cleaned by wiping. Car upholstery of artificial leather fits better and looks good for a longer time than fabric upholstery, and are much easier to clean than lambskin protectors. Besides, they are considerably cheaper to acquire than those of real leather. Many Seat-Styler customers attest their satisfaction, and most people cannot tell our perfectly fitting covers of imitation leather from high-quality initial upholstery.

Order leather car upholstery in personal design online

Those who have already enjoyed the luxury and comfort, and especially the inimitable scent of real leather seats in a car will not want to ever give that up. If it is only about the leather look and feel, imitation leather is considerably cheaper, but car seat car upholstery made of leather upgrade the interior much more. At Seat-Styler you get tailored real-leather seat covers for a distinctly lower price in comparison to a corresponding initial upholstery or retrofitting by the car maker or upholstery workshop. Also here we apply the OEM design, and therefore our real leather car upholstery is an economical possibility of upgrading your vehicle, in proper style and true to detail. Just as for our imitation leather seat covers, you also have the possibility of personally styling the leather upholstery for your car. Combine, for example, different colors for the inner and outer surfaces, define the seam color, and add optional extras to your own taste. ZACASi guarantees the best material quality and careful workmanship, and grants a three-year manufacturer’s warranty.