Is your car full with dirt, stains, oil, leftovers and pet hair that cause your car seats to wear out and kill the luxury appearance of your leather seat covers?

Then you probably had enough from the mercy of advertising and marketing; all designed to sell you more and more products. With so many voices, with so many opinions and all you want is to clean your leather car seats, but you’re unsure as to where to start and how to do it. Therefore, it’s very important to clean and take good care of your leather seats. whether you have just recently purchased that brand-new car with leather upholstery or looking to maintain your car’s leather in show room condition.


Car seat before and after cleaning.

As you can see by the before and after pictures above that drastic results are indeed possible.

And sometimes getting professional cleaning services can be expensive, but now you can get professional results in a more easier and simpler than what most people think. With the right tools and products, applied with some strategic techniques, you can enjoy the results normally reserved to veteran detailers.

With our care products, you will apply the product on your seat covers to give it that silky-looking. The structure, feeling and elasticity will be preserved and protected from everyday use, dirt, oil etc.You will find 2 car seat leather cleaning and treatment products in our Online shop, which are applicable for all smooth leather surfaces and all types of imitation leather. It is NOT recommended to use this product for imitation suede!

Dr. Wack Chemie cleaning and treating products 

The A1 care products are from the company Dr Wack Chemie, which is exclusive for the high quality seat covers from ZACASi. The cleaning leather car seat and treatment set consists of the Test Winning products A1 Leather-Cleaner and A1 Leather seat treatment, on Jojoba oil basis.

Both products have won test during “GTÜ” (Society of Technical Supervision) 2013 and 2015, Tests in „Classic cars Magazine“ 2015, “AutoBild Classic” 2013, “AutoBild Sport cars” 2013 and is recommended as best products to clean, condition and repair your leather seats or car seat covers.

with the help of A1 Leather Cleaner The dirt is gently but thoroughly removed, A1 cleans and prepares the leather for the next treatment with A1 Leather seat treatment.

These products have been proven through various quality testings and received a high recommendation value. Exclusive in Seat-Styler, you can get the cleaning and care products for only €29.90. The price includes the test-winner A1 leather-cleaner, A1 leather care with Jojoba oil basic and a high quality microfibre cloth, which will make the application of these care products a lot easier.

Cleaning and treatment product LIQUI MOLY

The car care product from LIQUI MOLY offers you the optimal protection for your car seat covers. Order now your care and cleaning product together with your equipments for an additional of only €19.90. In this price, you will get the leather care from LIQUI MOLY and a microfibre cloth for an easy application of the car care products.

The maintenance and cleaning of your seat covers are not only important for the appearence, but also an important step for an optimal protection for your seat covers from the outdoor exposures. Be it stress mark from an extensive use or contamination because of dirt, the Seat-Styler team recommend you  for a thorough cleaning of the seat covers with the care sets we offer from Dr. Wack Chemie or LIQUI MOLY several times in a year to achieve the best result and maintaining your delights with your seat covers

The cleaning, treatment and repair products mentioned above can be ordered at our Online Shop or can be enclosed with your order of new leather seat covers.


Included with the car cleaning products is a high-quality microfiber cloth, which is to be used for cleaning the leather surface and applying the care product.

Do NOT use in direct sunlight or on hot surfaces. Keep the products well closet and protected from frost, heat and children.