Custom Car Seat Covers by Car Maker

You wish to give your car a new look? Then Seat-Styler is the right place for you. From us you can get custom car seat covers for your vehicle. Thereby you have both the possibility of choosing from premade patterns for just 349 Euro, or else turn your own ideas into reality. Impart your car a personal note by letting your seat covers be custom-made to completely match your own wishes.

Your advantages

Effect of the real leather upholstery

Specific elements of the seat furnishing are preserved

Fits seam upon seam – no slipping out of place

At Seat-Styler you can choose among many materials and designs and individually style your car interior. Cover the front and back seats with tailor-made seat covers. We offer this service for various makes:

Choose your car moderl or use our Configurator!

Make the most of it

For a neat car all around, apart from a spotless body also an appealing interior is necessary. Frequent climbing in and getting out through the driver’s side can lead to unattractive wear marks on the seat surface and backrest. Additional seat covers made to measure can prevent such wastage, protect the original seats, and also make for a brand-new look in older car models.

Therefore, you no longer need to content yourself with the basic upholstery, nor resort to badly fitting protectors in one-fits-all sizes. If your new seat covers are custom car seat covers made, they sit as a second skin.

How to order tailored seat covers online

You basically have two possibilities of getting the suitable covers for your seat at Seat-Styler: decide between the basic and the personalized designs. In the first, we suggest eight different designs. Just choose the styling that is most appealing to you. In order for you to get an impression beforehand of the possibilities and results of our tailored seat covers, we have put together a Gallery of customers‘ photos on our website. The advantages of the Basic Designs are convincing: due to high demand, these covers can be in part immediately delivered, so that you do not have to wait. Besides, all articles have the same low price – whatever the design you have selected from the choice of eight. Another asset is the material: at Seat-Styler, you get tailored custom car seat covers made of high-quality imitation leather from our partner ZACASi.

Those who would rather be creative themselves instead of resorting to a basic design use the seat Configurator from ZACASi. With the individual settings you have the possibility of defining the material as well as the color of the outer and inner parts, plus the seam. Hence, you can create tailored black leather seat covers with a white seam and a light beige inner part, for example. Should you wish to see the results immediately, just look at the dynamic graphic available on the Configurator page. The picture changes according to your input. In addition, it is possible for you to take a basic design as a foundation and only change it slightly. Use the Configurator to create the perfect seat covers, adjusted to your demands.

High-quality material and classic colors

If you place value on a high-quality interior for your car, there is mostly no way around a leather look. The custom leather car seat covers by Seat-Styler grant your car the required class. For those who do not wish to give up onhigh quality, but definitely do not want to answer for the use of animal materials, imitation leather is available in our range of products. Also a combination of real and artificial leather and suede is possible. For the outer and inner parts, the colors black, white, light beige and grey are available. The seams can be styled in many attractive colors. Make them optically disappear, or make sure that they turn into an eyecatcher by using seams of other colors. At Seat-Styler you get tailored seat covers, with individual design and high quality.

Seat-Styler – Your partner for seat covers

We work together with ZACASi, a company known for high-quality leather upholstery for automobiles. Thereby only tailor-made products that fit you and your car come into question. During the ordering process, you communicate the details of your vehicle so that we can produce your tailor-made seat covers according to the individual specifications of your car. In case you are not sure about which model you concretely drive, turn to our experts for help. Together we will find out which your specific model is.

For online orders, benefit additionally from a delivery free of charge German-wide and a three-year warranty on the seat covers, made to measure by ZACASi. Trust our years of experience and decide for high-quality and absolutely fitting custom car seat covers for your vehicle.