Inquiry and Prices for Our Car Seat Covers

  • A complete set of high-quality and custom-made seat covers at a starting price of 349 EUR
  • Just ask – before the payment has given, it is all non-binding
  • Use our Configurator or the ordering form for your inquiry
  • With our Configurator you can instantly see the price of your selected design

ZACASi quality at a low price

From us you can get a complete new leather look for your car seats from the popular Basic Designs range for 349 EUR. The actual non-binding price recommended by the manufacturer is 499 EUR. However, after many years working together with the quality manufacturer ZACASi, we are able to offer you much better prices for your new leather upholstery! (More on this under Best-Price Warranty)

Delivery time

The delivery time is of about 4 weeks.

Due to high demand, for many vehicle models we have the most popular designs prefabricated in stock. These are then available very quickly, with a delivery time of only 2 to 4 days. Upon your non-binding inquiry with your car details we will inform you about an eventual availability.

Our prices for a complete set are as follows:

Imitation leather: 349 Euro
Imitation leather with imitation suede: 649 Euro
Real leather with imitation suede: 799 Euro
Real leather: 899 Euro

Place a non-binding inquiry:

Ordering process: As simple as this

1. Your vehicle data

Using the inquiry form or the Configurator, you inform us non-bindingly about your vehicle details. Car make, type and production year are important. In case of doubt, just send us photos of your car seats via e-mail.

2. Your configuration

You select your desired design. Our experienced staff would be glad to offer you personal advice. Before you pay, everything is still non-binding and your design can still be changed. We offer different safe payment methods such as advance payment, payment on delivery or PayPal. If desired, an upfront payment of only 25% is sufficient (please state).

3. Offer

After your inquiry, we will send you a personal offer via e-mail, or the price will be shown to you immediately in the configurator. Regarding the vehicle data, our experts make sure to ask for all necessary details for a tailored production. We guarantee the perfect fit of your new customized seat covers and the upgrading effect just as that seen in the many reference photos from our customers in our Gallery.

4. Your leather upholstery

If we have your desired design for your exact vehicle type in stock, you will receive your covers within a few days. Should you desire a unique design, the delivery time is about 3 weeks. Our customer system automatically updates you and sends you information such as the DHL / parcel tracking number. In the delivery contents you will receive the complete set, the installation kit, a manual and a DVD – everything you need.