Order Tailored Seat Covers without Risks – Our Warranties and References

With Seat-Styler you are on the safe side. Here you can find customer opinions and more information about us. Seat-Styler has been successfully on the market for many years and, thanks to the long-lasting work with the ZACASi group, offers you the best conditions for the original tailor-made car seat covers of the brand ZACASi. Don’t hesitate to contact us and order tailored Seat Covers without risks at seat-styler!

Seat-Styler guarantees the highest possible customer satisfaction. This has been confirmed time and time again. You can find feedback about us as well as references further below on this page and all over the Internet. Most of our customers come to us upon recommendation, and we have increasing numbers of regular customers who upgrade each one of their new cars with our leather covers.

Benefit from our experience. We offer:

Well-known from the Süddeutsche Zeitung and from TV


“Seat covers from ZACASi fit like a glove”

You can find the article of one of Germany’s largest daily newspapers about our seat covers here. Our product is also known from TV, through the appraisal from RTL II’s “Grip – das Motormagazin” and also the popular program “Abenteuer Leben” from the channel kabel eins.

3-year Manufacturer’s Warranty

The manufacturer ZACASi gives you a 3-year warranty on your leather upholstery. The manufacturer’s warranty is valid for all leather upholstery and all materials. More on this at http://www.seat-styler.de/agb/ and at www.ZACASi.de.

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Perfect fit guaranteed

Both the manufacturer ZACASi and Seat-Styler guarantee the perfect fit of our tailor-made seat covers. After installation you will be able to appreciate your elegant interior, comparable to countless customer photos in our Gallery.

More than 1,000 customer photos as reference

Countless real photos of customer’s car interiors can be found in our Gallery. We have received these as thanks from our satisfied customers. As most photographers are amateurs, the new leather upholstery is always portrayed a little differently – for example, at times being too exposed. We are, of course, nevertheless grateful, and are happy to receive photos of your vehicle with the new leather upholstery. Our advice: when purchasing seat covers, pay attention to the vehicle-specific custom production with OEM seam stitching and, if in doubt, make use of the customer photos as a reference in order to avoid surprises.

Certified eBay “Top-rated Seller”

We are proud to have been very successfully representing Seat-Styler on eBay. We have more than 1,500 positive ratings alone through our eBay customers, and a 100% customer satisfaction rate.

As one of the few in this industry, Seat-Styler.com has earned a position as “eBay Top-rated Seller”. Only sellers with a constantly high level of service are awarded this status by eBay.


We are also a certified member: ebay-geprueft

You can find us on eBay under the member name:visit*www.seat-styler.com*, or visit our eBay Shop directly at: http://stores.ebay.de/w-w-w-seat-styler-c-o-m

100% customer satisfaction on eBay and over 1,500 positive ratings

What do our eBay customers say about our leather upholstery? – Here are a few sample evaluations from our buyers. You can also find them under the link above directly on eBay. You are welcome to check out our whole evaluation profile:


Complete buyer protectionand safe payment

At Seat-Styler you have a full buyer protection for all products: our buyer protection covers your payment completely. We offer different safe payment options, and by request a deposit of only 25% is sufficient for us (just state it during the ordering process). You can pay as usual by prepayment, payment on delivery (give the mail carrier the money during the delivery) or PayPal, or upon agreement also in other trusted payment procedures, such as iclear. As you wish.

Warranty with extended cancellation right

You have the warranty applicable by German law. You receive your product as described by us on this website and in the mail correspondence. In addition to that, we offer an extended cancellation right of 6 weeks after delivery (see also our GTC).

Other references, e.g. Yatego

You can find many other references about Seat-Styler on the Internet and also on the platform Yatego. As Seat-Styler.com we have had a 100% customer satisfaction for many years on the sales of our perfectly fitting seat covers for your car. Yatego describes Seat-Styler.com with:

“100% Reliability” and “ShopratingVERY GOOD”:


Warranted satisfaction incl. money-back guarantee

Our Seat-Styler satisfaction guarantee is valid for all our customers: it is our aspiration that every customer who calls the ZACASi leather seats theirs is 100% content. So far, we have reached this goal outstandingly. We guarantee a perfect fit of the leather upholstery as well as an upgrading effect corresponding to that seen on our “Gallery” photos after correct installation of the seat covers. Should this not happen and should you not be satisfied, we will refund you your money. This money-back guarantee is valid without compromises.

Additionally, we of course hope that our customers will recommend us, because most of our new customers come to us upon recommendation. We have an increasing amount of regular customers who retrofit each of their new vehicles with our leather upholstery. And that is a good thing – that is why the satisfaction of our customers has the highest priority in our company policy. This is also why we offer our Seat-Styler.com Satisfaction Guarantee. Thereby, order tailored Seat Covers without risks at Seat-Styler!

Brand product with availability guarantee

The brand ZACASi has already existed for many years, and offers an availability guarantee on all its products. Single items can be reordered any time and at low prices. Though it is seldom the case, should for instance a cigarette burn hole occur in your seat cover, it can be replaced fast and easily. In this case, you only pay for a fraction, as opposed to the repair of upholstery ex factory or leather upholstery from the upholsterer. This is one of the assets of our products.

Best-price guarantee from Seat-Styler

Seat-Styler.com offers you the best price – for sure. Learn more on this under Best-Price Guarantee.


A chance of raising the value of your vehicle

We are regularly told by our clients that the increase in value through the new leather interior can massively raise the resale value of the vehicles. Estimations based on the experience of our biggest customers in the area of automobile trade: the resale value of the vehicle increases with the installation in up to 300% of the purchase price of the newly installed ZACASi seat covers. This makes our product interesting also for professional automobile dealers, who see the retrofitting of the leather seats as an investment that pays off.