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Seat Covers for Audi 80 Cabrio

 High quality seat covers for your Audi 80 convertible

The Audi 80 Cabriolet model is an absolute classic among car owners. Even today, the 80 convertible still ranks among the most popular used cars and tunings models.

In a convertoble, the interior folds within its own. Over time, the seats can wear out and dirt and stains can damage the look of your interior.

In order to enhance the interior of your convertible, Seat-Styler offers you the perfect opportunity: How can you modernize your Audi 80 Convertible?

Seat Covers for your Audi 80 Convertible, enhance your interior!


With Seat-Styler you can upgrade your interior and even customize it yourself. You now have the opportunity to choose from our eight basic designs, a prefabricated model, or become a designer yourself and design your own unique design.

Our Seat configurator helps you compile your ideal design for your Audi 80 Convertible. You can choose from three materials, a large color selection and additional extras. Thanks to our OEM design, our car seat covers are precisely matched to your vehicle and fit perfectly like a second skin.

Covers for your Audi 80 Convertible – Protection and Comfort!

With the car seat covers from Seat-Styler your seats will not only look sophisticated, but will also be protected against dirt, stains and sunglight. The perfect fit will make you feel more comfortable than ever before.

More Benefits:

  • Custom made
  • Affordable Price
  • Individual adjustment
  • Top quality materials

Order your Audi 80 Convertible Seat Covers now!

Choose from our classical Basic Designs!

Create your individual design now with our Configurator!


In our gallery you will find a collection of thousands of photos, which we have received as a thank you from our customers. Let yourself be inspired by the unique designs!

Seat Covers Audi Q3

Basic Designs

Our basic designs are made of durable leather imitation, which is of high quality and can maintain its exceptional genuine leather look.

Price: starting from 349€


D1 Paris Basic Design

Seam Color: black


D2 Tokio Basic Design

Outside: black
Inside: black
Seam color: white


D3 Dubai Basic Design

Outside: black
Inside: beige
Seam color: beige


D4 Moskau Basic Design

Outside: black
Inside: grey
Seam color: grey


D5 Monaco Basic Design

Outside: beige
Inside: beige
Seam color: beige


D6 München Basic Design

Outside: grey
Inside: grey
Seam color: grey


D7 Berlin Basic Design

Outside: black
Inside: white
Seam color: white


D8 Montreal Basic Design

Outside: white
Inside: white
Seam color: white

Order now the seat cover of your choice!


Our configurator helps you create your personal seat cover from different materials, colors and styles. Make your car’s interior unique. Become a designer yourself!

Configurator Options:


Our seat covers consist only of the best quality material. Choose from imitation leather, suede leather and genuine leather. The leather seat covers are produced by our manufacturer ZACASi and we guarantee you the Best Price!

Artificial leather

Artificial Leather

Our popular classical design, made with the top quality material despite the affordable price. Our synthetic leather seat covers are resistant to heat and are easy to clean!

Price: starting from 349€

Car Seat Covers Imitation Suede

Imitation Suede

You can combine soft and supple material with our seat covers made from artificial leather or with our genuine leather covers

Price for artificial leather: 649€
Price for real leather: 799€

Real leather Material 3

Real Leather

The guaranteed best choice for an exclusive experience. Our genuine leather car seat covers are easy to clean, durable and are extremely resistant to dirt and sunlight.

Price: starting from 899€

custom made seat covers

Premium Leather

Introducing our newest first-class material, with a wider range of colours, it is designed to withstand high levels of heat yet it is still breathable. It provides your seats with the ultimate protection.

Prices: From 549€

Seam Colour

You will be surprised how diverse our color selection is! 4 available colors for leather or artificial leather, 13 available colors for suede and 16 different seam colors!

  • black
  • white
  • light beige
  • grey
  • silver
  • red
  • orange
  • bronze
  • blue
  • violet
  • dark pink
  • pink
  • dark green
  • green
  • red/brown
  • yellow

This way you get your seat covers according to your wishes!




Perforation allows easy, smooth airflow through your car seat covers, suitable for seat heating systems. Available with seats with suede leather.

Price: 29 €

Seat covers


Piping creates a unique line definition between the inner and outer material colors. Available in black or white.

Price: 49 €.

Seat covers logo ZACASi


You can order our exclusive ‚Zacasi‚ or ‚Seat-Styler‘-Logo for free. You can of course also order without a logo or make your own logo for a small extra charge.


Headrest Design

You can also design your head rests in two colors and determine the design as well as the color yourself.
Price: from 29 €.

Royal Step

Give your seat covers a completely exclusive look with Royal-Step seams. Choose from the following:

Price: 49€

Royal Step
Single Stitch

Seat Covers

Royal Step
Double Stitch


Royal Step

OEM Design car seat covers

Royal Step



A symmetrical color scheme gives your car a completely new look. The color and material of the seat cover center is thereby extended to the backrest and seat cushion.

Price: 29€

Learn more about our materials, colors and other extras!

Create your desired design with our configurator!

About us

Our seat covers for your Audi 80 Convertible

Seat-Styler Audi 80 Cabrio seat covers are exclusively adjusted to your own vehicle and therefore fit like a second skin. As a result, our seats differ significantly from conventional seat covers

Thanks to the long-standing cooperation with our manufacturer ZACASi, our car seat covers are not only exclusive, but are also top quality!

We guarantee you complete customer satisfaction.


Using high quality materials and choosing your own design will make your car unique. You have the possibility to choose from artificial leather, suede leather or genuine leather and to design your car seat covers according to your own wishes.

There are many other extras available. Let yourself be inspired!

What is special about our Audi 80 Cabrio seat covers?

From the high-quality materials, the processing, the individual adaptation to your vehicle, to the unique design and everything else at a reasonable price!

Seat-Styler seat covers follows the smallest detail of the original stitching shape and sits like a second skin, thanks to our unique OEM design. The exclusive leather look gives your car a whole new glow!

Our seat covers made from genuine leather and artificial leather are made of particularly breathable materials so that air can easily go through it without any air bubbles building between the seats and seat covers. They are easy to clean and more resistant to dirt than conventional car seat covers.

Seat-Styler seat covers are also extremely heat and cold resistant and can therefore also be used with seat heating systems as the heat will pass easily through the cover. With our seat covers for Audi 80 Convertible, you are guaranteed the best choice.

Best-Price-Guarantee and Customer Satisfaction

Quality does not have to be expensive! With Seat-Styler, you get tailor-made seat covers with OEM seam guidance of very high quality for extremely affordable prices. You will receive a complete seat cover set starting from 299 €.

In addition to our best-price guarantee, you will benefit from our 3-year manufacturing warranty!
Decide now and order our striking Audi 80 convertible seat covers.

100% Customer Satisfaction

Take a look at our gallery and get inspired. Our gallery is a collection of thousands of real customer photos! We would be very happy about your pictures.

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