Tailor-made Seat Covers for Audi A1

 The Audi A1 impresses with its sporty elegance

In the year 2010, car lovers were introduced to the long awaited City Compact Car from Audi family. The sporty model is supplied in its standard equipment with covers made of fabric.

Audi A1 tailor-made seat covers make it possible to get the befitting interior to the sporty, elegant exterior appearance. We are here to make this happen for you!
tailor made seat covers for audi a1

Give your Audi A1 8X a new look!

Custom-made car seat covers for Audi A1

With Seat-Styler seat covers, you can modernize your Audi A1 car interior and give it a whole new sporty look without removing the entire interior. They are designed in such a way for an easy installation without the need of professional knowledge or special tools.

Our seat covers not only give your car a whole new look, but also protect your original seats from all possible hazards, from dirts, spilled drinks, pets hair to UV light. The unique OEM designs of our upholstery fit like a glove.

The Ultimate Combination between Beauty and Protection!

Not only our seat covers Audi A1 improve the appearance of your interior, it also offers you the maximum protection for your original seats plus various additional benefits, which make our car seat covers a bang for your buck! Here are some of the advantages you will enjoy with our Audi A1 seat covers:

  • 3-years Manufacturer Warranty
  • Perfect Fit Guarantee
  • Best Price Warranty
  • Individually produced seat covers
  • and many more!

Our seat covers are available for these models:

Audi A1 8X

(3 doors hatchback)

Audi A1 8X

(5 doors sportback)

Order your Audi A1 seat covers now!

Are you still confused and undecided? No worry! Choose one of our timeless Basic Designs and it will never go wrong.

Do you already have the perfect design in your head? create it now with our Configurator!

 Be the first

The Audi A1 8X is still new in our assortment which is why it is so unfortunate that we still do not have any customer photos for this particular model. Send us your Audi A1’s seat cover pictures and be the first! Get inspired by our unique designs which are accessible through our gallery. Here you can see thousands of photos of vehicles already equipped with our seat covers.

Our Design

We offer our seat covers in 2 possibilities: Basic and Individual. Choose from our well-known and classic basic designs or create your own personal design! Our seat covers are currently available only for normal seats.

Basic Designs

Our basic designs are made of high quality imitation leather, which is durable and maintains its genuine leather look. They are named after famous cities around the world.

Price: from 349€


D1 Paris Basic Design

Outside: black
Inside: black
Seam color: black


D2 Tokio Basic Design

Outside: black
Inside: black
Seam color: white


D3 Dubai Basic Design

Outside: black
Inside: beige
Seam color: beige


D4 Moskau Basic Design

Outside: black
Inside: gray
Seam color: gray


D5 Monaco Basic Design

Outside: beige
Inside: beige
Seam color: beige


D6 München Basic Design

Exterior: gray
Inside: gray
Seam color: gray


D7 Berlin Basic Design

Outside: black
Inside: white
Seam color: white


D8 Montreal Basic Design

Outside: white
Inside: white
Seam color: white

Do you like a particular design? Order now the seat covers of your choice!


If you can not find your desired design among our basic designs and would like something more individual, you can use our configurator and become your own seat covers designer! We have a wide variety of materials, colors and styles, so you can design your seat covers according to your wishes.
Make your car unique!

Configurator Options:


Our Seat-Styler seat covers are made of unique premium quality material. You have the choice between car seat covers made of synthetic leather, genuine leather or our new premium faux leather, all with the possibility to match and combine with our special imitation suede. Our seat covers are from our top manufacturer ZACASi manufactured.

Choose your desired material!

Artificial leather

Artificial Leather

Our popular classic that promises top quality despite the economical price. Our leatherette seat covers are resistant to heat and any possible hazard, and also easy to clean!

Price: from 349€

Car Seat Covers Imitation Suede

Imitation Suede

The soft surface of this high quality material gives a more elegant interior feel with valour texture. Combinable with other materials.

Price combined with:
Imitation Leather: 649€
Real Leather: 799€

Real leather Material 3

Real Leather

The guaranteed best choice for an exclusive experience. Our genuine leather car seat covers are easy to clean, durable and extremely resistant to dirt and sunlight.

Prices: from 899€

custom made seat covers

Premium Leatherrette

The newest material in our collection with more colour combinations for your car seat covers! This material is available in 15 colours and made from robust material, ensuring the colour won’t fade.

Prices: from 549€


Choose the thread color for the high-quality double stitching – no extra charge. In our color palette you have 16 colors to choose from.




Perforation allows easy, smooth airflow through your car seat covers, suitable for seat heating systems. It also enhance the sporty look. Available only for imitation leather.

Price: 29€

Seat covers


Piping creates a unique line definition between the inner and outer material colors by using a bold harder ‚pipe‘. Available in black or white.

Price: 49€.

Seat covers logo ZACASi


You can also order our exclusive ‚Zacasi‘ or ‚Seat-Styler ‚ logo for free. You can of course also order without a logo or make your own logo for a small extra charge.


Design Headrest

You have the option of designing your head rests in two colors, as well as design and color. The headrests are manufactured exactly to the smallest detail.

Price: 29€.

Royal Step

The option “ Royal Step“ gives an exclusive aspect to your seat covers. You can choose between four options and make your car unique!

Price: 49€.

Royal Step
Single Stitch


Royal Step Double Stitch

tailor made car seat covers

Royal Step


Royal Step Elegance



seat covers mercedes B-Class, Zacasi, leather upholstery

A unique symmetrical color pattern gives your car a completely new look. The material of the middle part is extended to the seat covers of the backrest and the seat cushion.

Price: 29€.

Learn more about our materials, colors and other extras!

You already know exactly what your seat covers should look like? Configure your desired design!

Our Products

Our exclusive Audi A1 seat covers

We are proud to say we are different! Our seat covers are unlike any you’ve seen in the market, we create our seat covers to perfectly fit your Audi A1 seats.

Your satisfaction is our priority, that is why we parterned up with ZACASi.

ZACASi is a group of upholsters with many years of experience. They are well known for providing top quality seat covers for affordable prices, guaranteeing high customer satisfaction.

tailor-made car seat covers
perfect fit car seat covers

Through our unique OEM design, our covers are tailored directly to your Audi A1.

By using high quality materials and the choice of your own design, you have the option to choose from artificial leather, suede leather or genuine leather and to design your car seat covers according to your own wishes. In addition, there are many more extras.

Be inspired!

What is special about our Audi A1 seat covers?

The answer is easy, simply EVERYTHING. The high quality material, the processing, the detail-oriented process, to the unique design and all at a reasonable price!

3 years warranty on seat covers

Our great OEM design ensures that your seat covers are processed down to the smallest detail and fit perfectly like a second skin. In addition, the unique leather look gives your car an exclusive look!   Make your car unique!

Our seat covers made of genuine leather and artificial leather are made of particularly breathable materials so that air can pass easily without including air bubbles between the seats and seat covers. Furthermore, they are extremely easy to clean and more resistant to dirt than conventional car seat covers.

Seat-Styler seat covers allow heat to pass yet are durable in withstanding heat or cold due to the high quality materials used. With our Audi A1 seat covers you make the best choice!

Best Price and Satisfaction Guarantee

With Seat-Styler, you get tailor-made seat covers with OEM seam guidance of a very high quality and this also extremely cheap. Because quality does not have to be expensive! You will already receive a complete seat cover set from 299 €.

If you find a comparable quality product at a lower price from a different supplier for exactly your vehicle model, we will undercut this price for you. So you get the best price at Seat-Styler!


In addition to our Best-Price-Guarantee, benefit from our 3-year manufacturing warranty!
Convince yourself and order our exclusive Audi A1 seat covers.

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