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List of available Audi A6 Car Seat Covers

The Audi A6 4B – Resilient and Reliable

The Audi A6 4B was first introduced in February of 1997 based on a new design (automobile platform) with an increment in quality. The new body presented a more current design, with a fastback styling which started the trend for the Audi lineup.

The Audi A6 4B has been around for quite a while now, that is why we understand your need for an ultimate but affordable upgrade.

The best solution is here: Seat covers for Audi A6 4B from Seat-Styler!


Give your old Audi A6 4B it’s old glamour back! Made from the top most quality materials, that resist dust, dirt and even sunlight. We give you our OEM designed seat covers which are customized to perfectly fit your Audi A6 4B.

You can now either choose a basic design from our classic 8 Basic Designs or enjoy the change to create your very own unique design using our configurator. Our seat covers are available for A6 C5 B4 Limousine and Avant and for Normal and Sport seats.

Have a look at our gallery!

Our gallery offers a collection of thousands of photos, of already equipped vehicles. We received them directly from our customers as a thank you. Let yourself be inspired by the unique designs!


Transform your Audi A6 4F!

The Audi A6 4F was released in 2004, releasing with it the evaluation of the C5. It has the new Audi „single-frame grille“. Like other modern Audis, the A6 has a „tornado line“ that runs from the front lights to the rear lights just below the body shoulders.

We know seats might wear out over time and continues use and we do not want that to ruin your Audi A6 4F for you.

Is there a way to protect the seats without compromising the beautiful interior?

Revaluate your interior with our custom-made car seat covers!

With our Seat-Styler seat covers for the Audi A6 C6 4F, you can modernize your interior without compromising the entire interior!

Thanks to our OEM design, our car seat covers will fit perfectly your car seats. Choose from our 8 all time beloved basic designs, or become a designer yourself and create a unique design with our configurator. Our covers are adapted for Normal but also Sport seats, and for Audi A6 C6 4F Limousine and Avant.


Check Out Our Audi A6 4F Seat Covers Gallery

Our gallery is 100% made of pictures uploaded by our satisfied customers. Let these pictures of Audi A6 4F seat covers from our customers convince you that we offer the perfect seat covers for you!


High-quality, stylish seat covers for your Audi A6 C7!

The Audi A6 C7 is the fourth generation of the A6 class, the A6 shares its interior, platform and power-train with the Audi A7 four door sedan.

Would you like to provide your Audi A6 C7 with extra protection and your own personal touch?

Get unique seat covers for your Audi A6 C7 now!


We at Seat-Styler want you to have the ultimate protection, giving you our Anti-Stain seat covers; they are resistant against many external hazards such as sunlight, dust or even pet hairs.

After careful consideration, we decided to use OEM design, this design follows your car’s original seams and will fit like a second skin! Our seat covers can be used on Audi A6 C7 4G Limousine and Avant, and are available for Normal and Sport Seats.

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Send us pictures of your new Audi A3 8V with our seat covers and get an amazing surprise from us! Inspire yourself with our unique designs by taking a look at our gallery which is filled with thousands photos of vehicles equipped with our seat covers from our satisfied customers.

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Get your Audi A6 seat covers now!

You still have no idea about what you want? Choose safely between our eight beloved timeless Basic Designs.

You know exactly what you want for your seat covers‘ design? Wait no longer! Create your own style and show it to the world now!


We have already received numerous customers photos of our custom-made Audi A6 seat covers. Choose your car model! We have new seat covers for the Audi A6 model, we look forward to authentic pictures of you!

Our Design

We offer our seat covers in 2 designs: Basic and Customized. Check out our famous and timeless Basic Designs or create a personalized unique design on your own!

Basic Design

Our Basic Designs come in 8 different all time beloved timeless designs, named after famous cities all around the world. Made from premium imitation leather, which is not only durable, but also lasts long with real leather-optic appearance. These models come with our eyes appealing ZACASi logo and cost only €349.


D1 Paris Basic Design

Inner Black,
Outer Black,
Black Seam


D2 Tokio Basic Design

Inner Black,
Outer Black,
White Seam


D3 Dubai Basic Design

Inner Beige,
Outer Black,
Beige Seam


D4 Moskau Basic Design

Inner Grey,
Outer Black,
Grey Seam


D5 Monaco Basic Design

Inner Beige,
Outer Beige,
Beige Seam


D6 München Basic Design

Inner Grey,
Outer Grey,
Grey Seam


D7 Berlin Basic Design

Inner White,
Outer Black,
White Seam


D8 Montreal Basic Design

Inner White,
Outer White,
White Seam

Do you like one of the choices above? Order your Basic Design seat covers now!

Customized Design

Can not find your desired design among our basic design or would you like something individual to your liking? With Seat-Styler, you can become a designer with our configurator!

We have a variety of materials colors and styles, so you can design your seat covers according to your wishes. Make your car a unique piece.

Configuration Options:


We offer premium quality material for our seat covers.Real Leather or Imitation Leather. All our leather seat covers are from our manufacturer ZACASi, upholding our customer satisfaction guarantee.


Artificial Leather

Our popular classic that promises to provide you with the top quality despite the low price. Our leatherette seat covers are resistant to heat and easy to clean!

The price of our imitation leather seat covers starts from €349.


Imitation Suede

This particularly soft and smooth material can be combined with our seat covers made of synthetic leather or with our real leather upholstery.

Price for Artificial Leather: 649 €
Price for Real Leather: 799 €


Real Leather

The guaranteed best choice for an exclusive experience. Our genuine leather car seat covers are easy to clean, durable and are extremely resistant to dirt and sunlight.

This material costs starting from €899.

custom made seat covers

Premium Leather

Choose your favorite colour from our Premium leatherrette, made from the strongest materials ever! We have created a new bigger colour collection, we now offer you 15 new colours to choose from!

Prices: From 549€


Here in Seat-Styler, you will be amazed by how vast diversity our available colours are! available colours for your leather or imitation leather, 13 available colours for your suede, and 16 seams colours! We provide everything to make sure you get the seat covers that you wish.z_garn_1280x700_deu




The small holes allow air to flow and improved the sport appearance of the car interior. Suitable for car with seat heater. Only available for IMITATION LEATHER.

Price: €29. 



Piping creates a more highlighted line definition between the inner and outer materials colour. Available in the 2 colour: black or white.
Price: €49.

Zacasi logo


You can add our  ‘Seat-Styler’ or ‘ZACASi’ logo for free. It is also possible to order the seat covers without logo or with your own logo

(Price may change).



Design Headrest

Design the headrests, according to your seat covers colours. The headrest will have matching colour as the interior colour of your seat covers.
Price: €29.

Royal Step

Ornamental stitching a more elegant touch. We offer Royal Stitching in several designs; single stitch, double stitch, curved and elegance.

Price: €49.

Royal Step
Single Stitch


Royal Step Double Stitch

tailor made car seat covers

Royal Step


Royal Step Elegance




Symetrical style of ‘Colour 1’+’Colour 2’+’Colour 1’. The middle part will be extended to the top of the back rest and the most front of the seat.

Price: €29.

Read more about our Materials, Colors and Extras! Discover the uniqueness of our configuration options.

Do you know exactly how your seat covers should look like? Configure your seat covers‘ design now!

About Us

Our Seat Covers for Audi A6

There are many factors that distinguish our Audi A6 seat covers from other, conventional seat covers.
Our seat covers are made exclusively for your car and fit like a second skin. Thanks to the long-standing cooperation with our manufacturer ZACASi.

Our manufacturer has been well known for working only with high quality material, guaranteeing that our customers will only receive a premium satisfying product.

housses de siege audi A3

Uncomparable Quality


It is very unfair to compare our seat covers with cheaper global seat covers, because it is simply uncomparable .

Every seat cover is made only from premium quality materials, and custom made by specialists. to achieve the perfect look that no universal seat covers can reach. One of the reason for this is that our seat covers are designed using the so called OEM Design.

Stay Original

The OEM (Original Equipment Manufacturer) design,  that is used by our manufacturer, includes all the original seam pattern of the original seats. This allows you to keep the luxurious stitch line of your gorgeous Audi A6.

You have the option between real leather and imitation leather and with the possibility to include suede as well as various colors and additional extras, Now you can design your own perfect seat covers for your Audi. Everything is possible with Seat-Styler.


What is so special about our Seat Covers?

EVERYTHING about our Tailored cover seats is SPECIAL. From the materials, to the process, and design, and even down to the advantages our seat covers have.

Following the OEM (Original Equipment Manufacturer) Design, our seat covers are custom made according to the size, shape and to the seam design of the original design of each Audi A6 seats.

3 years warranty on seat covers

Our cover seats will sit on your original seats tight and perfectly like a second skin, due to the OEM design,

Our real leather or imitation leather materials are manufactured in a way that the seat covers remain breathable.

Our seat covers  allow air to pass through so there is no air bubble stuck between the seat covers and the original seats. They’re  also easy to clean from dust, dirt..etc

The seat covers don’t reduce the seat warming function, as they allow heat to pass yet are durable in withstanding heat or cold due to the high quality materials used.

We take all your worries away!

 Best Price and Satisfaction Guarantee

Here in seat styler, your desire to protect and refine the interior of the Audi A6 is guaranteed with the best deal you will ever find. We offer our products starting from 299 €, a reasonable price given all the benefits that you will get as mentioned above!

Not only the lowest price guarantee, for all our products, we offer 3– years manufacturer warranty, to reassure you with our products. Our seat covers were also evaluated in German newspapers and television, for a unique process and high quality results.

100% Satisfied Customers Gallery

We highly encourage all our customers to improve our gallery, by sending us the picture of the products that they bought. Our gallery is 100% from our satisfied customer and we hope that you will put your trust on our product after looking through the gallery below.

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