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The Audi Q3 – A taste of elegance

It is no surprise how many people the Audi Q3 appeals to, considering its small size and driver friendly nature. It went on sale in June 2011, so we understand your need to wanting to keep your seats well-protected but maintain its luxurious interior level.

audi q3

The solution is easy: Seat covers for Audi Q3 from Seat-Styler!

Seat Covers Audi_A3

Your needs are our priority, that is why we offer you the combination you were looking for: luxury and protection. Our Seat covers are made from anti-stain material that resist all types of dirt,dust and even sunlight! Moreover, it is easy to clean and maintain!

Today, we offer you the chance to either design your own seat cover, choose from our wide selection of colors,materials and design. Or choose from our 8 customer favorite Basic Designs. We give you the opportunity to install in your Audi Q3 8U new car seat covers adapted for normal seats!

You can choose between three high-quality materials, many different seam colors and other extras.

Maximum protection for your original seats

With the custom-made seat covers from Seat-Styler, suitable for your Audi Q3 8U, you prevent the wear of your original seats and protect your interior from dirt.

Seat-Styler offers you further benefits:

  • Premium quality material
  • Competent consulting
  • Affordable prices
  • Customized
  • OEM Design
Tailor made seat covers BMW

Do not miss the chance to take your Audi Q3 seat covers now!

Still unsure what to choose? Check out our most sold Basic Designs.

Show off your individuality and create your very own unique seat cover now!

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The Audi Q3 is still new in our collection so there are unfortunately still no customer photos. Send us pictures of your new seat covers and get amazing new extras! Check out Our gallery to see thousands of pictures sent to us by our customers!

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Our Design

Choose between our two designs: Basic and Customized. Check out our all time favourite Basic Designs or create your unique personalized design on your own!

Basic Design

If you choose our Basic Designs, you will enjoy the exceptional leather look, these designs are made from sturdy, premium quality leather to give your interior a luxurious feel.  Price from €349.


D1 Paris Basic Design

Inner Black,
Outer Black,
Black Seam


D2 Tokio Basic Design

Inner Black,
Outer Black,
White Seam


D3 Dubai Basic Design

Inner Beige,
Outer Black,
Beige Seam


D4 Moskau Basic Design

Inner Grey,
Outer Black,
Grey Seam


D5 Monaco Basic Design

Inner Beige,
Outer Beige,
Beige Seam


D6 München Basic Design

Inner Grey,
Outer Grey,
Grey Seam


D7 Berlin Basic Design

Inner White,
Outer Black,
White Seam


D8 Montreal Basic Design

Inner White,
Outer White,
White Seam

Did any of our designs catch your eyes? Order your Basic Design seat covers now!

Customized Design

Do you want your interior to represent your uniquness? don’t worry! We’ve got you covered ! use our Configurator to create your own unique design!

We offer different materials, colors and styles, so you can design the seat covers of your choice.

Configuration Options:


For our seat covers, we only offer premium high quality materials with the choice of Real Leather or Imitation Leather. Our materials are manufactured only by our manufacturer ZACASi, upholding our customer satisfaction guarantee.


Artificial Leather

Our most known material for seat covers, it is made from breathable, comfortable yet sturdy materials. Guranteed long lasting results.


The price of our imitation leather seat covers starts from €349.

Car Seat Covers Imitation Suede

Imitation Suede

Combine our imitation suede with our real leather seat covers  €799 or with our artificial leather seat covers €649 and give your interior a polished,smooth and elegant touch.

Prices: from €649.

Real leather Material 3

Real Leather

Nothing beats real leather!  transform your interior into the most luxurious interior and give your original seats extra protection, because our real leather seat covers are of the highest quality.

Prices: from €899.

custom made seat covers

Premium Leather

Enjoy our newest more diverse collection! with an even bigger colour variety and stronger materials that have longer lasting effects! Choose the colour of your liking from our 15 new colours. 

Prices: from 549€


Here in Seat-Styler, you will be surprised by how wide our colour selection is! 4 available colours for your leather or imitation leather, 13 available colours for your suede, and 16 seams colours! We provide everything to make sure you get the seat covers of your dreams.z_garn_1280x700_deu




Get a sporty look with our perforation extra! they are made to improve air flow thorugh the seat coveres. Only available for IMITATION LEATHER.

Price: €29.



Piping creates a more apparent line definition between the inside and outside materials colour. Get it now in 2 colour: black or white.
Price: €49.

Zacasi logo


Include our stylish  ‘Seat-Styler’ or ‘ZACASi’ logo for free. You can also order the seat covers without a logo or with your own unique logo

(Price may vary).



Design Headrest

Design the headrests, based on your seat covers colours. The headrest will have similar colour as the inner colour of your seat covers.
Price: €29.

Royal Step

Ornamental stitching a more elegant touch. We offer Royal Stitching in several designs; single stitch, double stitch, curved and elegance.

Price: €49.

Royal Step
Single Stitch


Royal Step Double Stitch

tailor made car seat covers

Royal Step


Royal Step Elegance




Symetrical style of ‘Colour 1’+’Colour 2’+’Colour 1’. The middle part will be extended to the top of the back rest and the most front of the seat.

Price: €29.

Read more about our Materials, Colors and alot more! Discover the individuality of our configuration options.

Do you already have an image in mind? make it real! Configure your seat covers‘ design now!

About Us

Our Seat Covers for Audi Q3

We aspire to be the best, we make each seat cover with special attention, that is what makes us different! With us,you can gurantee individuality!

Based on a long partnership between us and our manufacturer ZACASi, we offer you only high quality materials, guaranteeing that our customers will only receive a premium satisfying product.

Seat covers

Guranteed Uniqueness

Custom made seat covers Mercedes C Class

Our products are not like other products in the market, you cannot compare them with universal, free sized seat covers because we make ours with precision using OEM Design.

Each seat cover we create is customized to your own car seats size and specifications, we also use top quality materials to have long lasting results.

Stay Original

The OEM design means Original Equipment Manufacturer, it’s a method used to follow the design of your original manufacturer’s look. So no one will tell the difference between your original seats and our covers because they will be stitched exactly the same and will fit like a second skin over your seats.

With the choice between real leather and imitation leather and with the possibility to include suede as well as various colors and additional extras, we make it possible for you to design your own perfect seat covers for your Audi.


What is so special about our Seat Covers?

EVERYTHING about our seat covers is SPECIAL. From the materials, the process, the design, and all the advantages you will recieve once you get on board!

3 years warranty on seat covers

With the OEM design, the seat covers will wrap the original seats tight and perfectly like a second skin.

Our real leather or imitation leather materials are manufactured in a way that the seat covers remain breathable.

They allow air to pass through so there is no air bubble trapped between the seat covers and the original seats. Our seat covers are also easy to clean from dust, dirt or even pet hairs!

The seat covers don’t reduce the seat warming function, as they allow heat to pass yet are durable in withstanding heat or cold due to the high quality materials used.

We are dedicated to your comfort!

Best Price and Satisfaction Guarantee

Here in Seat-Styler, your wish in protecting and refining your AUDI A3 interior is guaranteed with the best deal you will ever find. We offer our products starting from €299, which is an extremely low price given all the benefits that you will get as mentioned above!

Not just the low price guarantee, for all of our products, we offer a 3-years manufacturer’s warranty, to reassure you with our products. Our seat covers have also been appraised in German newspaper and TV, for the unique process and high quality results.

If you are still not convince, get now our seat covers AUDI A3 , and prove it yourself since all purchases will grant you automatically our 100% money-back warranty! So, what is there to lose? Here, in Seat-Styler, your satisfaction our utmost priority.

100% Satisfied Customers Gallery

We highly encourage all our customers to improve our gallery, by sending us the picture of the products that they bought. Our gallery is 100% from our satisfied customer and we hope that you will put your trust on our product after looking through the gallery below.

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