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Perfectly Fitting Seat Covers for BMW 5 Series from Seat-Styler

List of available BMW 5 Series Car Seat Covers

Make your BMW 5 Series E28 shine with a new sparkle!

The BMW 5 Series E28 is the second generation of the 5 Series, it replaces the legendary former model, the E12. The BMW 5 Series E28 is an old vehicle that was produced between 1981 and 1988. But lovers of BMW and cars in general continue to cherish this model because of its distinguished charm that takes you back to the 80’s.

Unfortunately, over time the seats can surely become frail and damaged. The solution to fix this problem? At Seat-Styler!

Our seat covers for your BMW 5 Series are THE solution!

To make your BMW 5 Series E28 more beautiful and comfortable than ever, we recommend our brand new seat covers, especially designed for your BMW 5 E28. Your original seats will remain well-protected!

With our exclusive OEM-Design, our seat covers will fit perfectly over your original seats, like a second skin. You can choose one of our Basic Designs or let your creativity run free and create your own seat covers!

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We have just released the BMW 5 Series E28 model, so we encourage you to send us your photos of your new seat covers. By doing so you will win a little gift from us! To get inspirations, please visit our gallery to see the creativity of our customers!

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The BMW 5 Series E39 – Durable and steady

The BMW E39 is the fourth generation of BMW 5 Series,which went on sale from 1995 to 2004. The E39 is fast, reliable, good looking and will never ever leave you on the side of the road.

Since the E39 has been on the roads for many years now, it is expected to find out that the seats are worn out after such a long period. And everybody asks the same question: „Is there a way to upgrade my seats?“

BMW 5er e39

The best solution is here: Seat covers for BMW 5 Series from Seat-Styler!


With the right upholstery, you can make your BMW 5 Series e39 interior brand new! Our BMW 5 Series e39 seat covers are designed specifically for an easy installation while upholding a high-quality standard of custom-made leather seat covers.

You can choose your desired model from our classic 8 Basic Designs or create a unique personalized design using our configurator.

Have a look at our gallery!

Our gallery offers a collection of thousands of photos of already equipped vehicles. We received them directly from our customers as a thank you. Let yourself be inspired by these unique designs!

Audi A3 8L Seat Covers

Make your BMW 5 Series E60 glow!

BMW 5er e60

The BMW 5 Series E60 is the fifth generation of the BMW 5 Series. It looks more luxurious and shinier than the other previous generation of BMW. It is characterized by a more effective engine and a better driving experience thanks to its more upgraded equipment.

BMW 5 Series E60 has been produced at least more than 10 years ago, the interior has often worn out or has holes from cigarettes burns, dust, stains or even pet hairs.

With seat-styler you can upgrade and protect your upholstery without compromising the beautiful interior.

Revaluate your interior with our custom-made car seat covers!

With our Seat-Styler seat covers for the BMW 5 Series E60, you can renovate your interior without compromising the entire interior!

Thanks to our OEM design, our car seat covers will fit perfectly in your car seats. Choose from our 8 all time beloved basic designs, or become a designer yourself and create a unique design with our configurator.


Check Out Our BMW 5 Series E60 Seat Covers Gallery

Our gallery is 100% made of pictures uploaded by our happy customers. Let these pictures of BMW 5 Series E60 seat covers from our customers convince you that we offer the perfect seat covers for you!


High-quality and stylish seat covers for your BMW Series 5 E61!

BMW is known for building high quality cars. The BMW 5 Series E61 is both superb and stunning… an engineering masterpiece, equipped with a powerful engine, with a sleek exterior and a modern interior.

Would you like to upgrade your new BMW 5 Series E61 with something unique and special? Or, do you want to protect your modern interior from any spillages and stains?

BMW 5er e61

Get unique seat covers for your BMW 5 Series E61 now!

2086_autositz_bezuege _VW_Polo

Our Seat-Styler BMW 5 Series E61 seat covers increase the value of your car’s interior without the need to remove your entire interior! Our seat covers will not only give your car a whole new look, but also protect your seats from various external hazards such as sunlight, dust or pet hairs.

Thanks to our OEM design, our car seat covers will fit your car seats perfectly.


We have already received customers photos of our tailor-made BMW 5 Series E61 seat covers.

Get your BMW 5 Series seat covers now!

You still have no idea about what you want? Choose safely between our eight beloved timeless Basic Designs.

You know exactly what you want for your seat covers‘ design? Wait no longer! Create your own style and show it to the world now!


From our customers, we have already received many car photos with our custom made seat covers. Our photo gallery consists 100% only from customers references. Select your Seat Covers BMW 5 Series car model!

Our Design

We offer our seat covers in 2 designs: Basic and Customized. You can choose between the option Basic design which offers 8 prefabricated Designs or you can choose the option Individual design and create your seat covers according to your preferences!

Basic Design

Our Basic Designs come in 8 different all time beloved timeless designs, named after famous cities all around the world. Made from premium imitation leather, which is not only durable, but also lasts long with real leather-optic appearance. These models come with our eyes appealing ZACASi logo and cost only €349.


Car neck pillow paris basic design

Inner Black,
Outer Black,
Black Seam


basic design tokio

Inner Black,
Outer Black,
White Seam


car neck pillow basic design dubai

Inner Beige,
Outer Black,
Beige Seam


car neck pillow basic design moskau

Inner Grey,
Outer Black,
Grey Seam


basic design Monaco

Inner Beige,
Outer Beige,
Beige Seam


basic design München

Inner Grey,
Outer Grey,
Grey Seam


basic design berlin

Inner White,
Outer Black,
White Seam


basic design montreal

Inner White,
Outer White,
White Seam

Do you like one of the choices above? Order your Basic Design seat covers now!

Customized Design

The Basic Designs are not meeting your expectation? You want something different? Maybe something more personal? Here at Seat-Styler, using our Configurator you can be your own seat covers‘ designer!

We offer various materials, colors and styles, so you can create the seat covers that suit your preference. Express your personality through your car’s interior.

Configuration Options:


For our seat covers, we only offer premium high quality materials with the choice of Real Leather or Imitation Leather. Our materials are manufactured only by our manufacturer ZACASi, upholding our customer satisfaction guarantee.

Artificial leather

Artificial Leather

Our classic is the most popular material due to its high quality and its affordable price. It is also resistant to heat and can be easily maintained. It is one of our customers favorite for good reasons!

Price: From €349.

Car Seat Covers Imitation Suede

Imitation Suede

The silky but durable velour surface gives a nice touch to your car interior. Design and combine it now with our imitation leather seat covers for €649 or with our real leather seat covers for €799.

Price : From €649

Real leather Material 3

Real Leather

The best choice for a impressive upgrade of your car’s interior. Easy to clean, durable and with a high resistance to sunlight, dirt, dust but also scratches. A suitable choice for a more deluxe makeover.

Prices: from €899.

custom made seat covers

Premium Leather

Our most recent material in our collection is made from even stronger materials to guarantee long lasting results and high quality. You can choose and combine your favorite colours from 15 new colours.

Prices: From 549€


Here in Seat-Styler, you will be surprised by how vast variety our available colours are! 4 available colours for your leather, 6 available colours for imitation leather, 13 available colours for your suede, and 16 seams colours! We provide everything to make sure you get the seat covers that you wish.



Car seat covers Audi A3


The small holes allow air to flow and improved the sport appearance of the car interior. Suitable for car with seat heater. Only available for IMITATION LEATHER.

Price: €29.

Seat covers


Piping creates a more highlighted line definition between the inner and outer materials colour. Available in the 2 colour: black or white.
Price: €49.

Seat covers logo ZACASi


Include our noble ‘Seat-Styler’ or ‘ZACASi’ logo for free. It is also possible to order the seat covers without logo or with your own logo

(Price may vary).


seat covers

Design Headrest

Design the headrests, according to your seat covers colours. The headrest will have similar colour as the inner colour of your seat covers.
Price: €29.

Royal Step

Ornamental stitching a more elegant touch. We offer Royal Stitching in several designs; single stitch, double stitch, curved and elegance.

Price: €49.

Royal Step
Single Stitch

Tailor made car seat covers

Royal Step Double Stitch

tailor made car seat covers

Royal Step


Royal Step Elegance




Symmetrical style of ‘Colour 1’+’Colour 2’+’Colour 1’. The middle part will be extended to the top of the back rest and the most front of the seat.

Price: €29.

Read more about our Materials, Colors and Extras! Discover the uniqueness of our configuration options.

Do you know exactly how your seat covers should look like? Configure your seat covers‘ design now!

About Us

Our Seat Covers for BMW 5 Series

There are many factors that differentiate our seat covers for the BMW 5 series from any other seat covers on the market. Our seat covers are customized only by our manufacturer ZACASi, a group of upholsterers with years of experience in creating seat covers.

Our manufacturer has been well known for working only with high quality material, guaranteeing that our customers will only receive a premium satisfying product.

1770_seat_covers_Seat_Leon_1P-1 (1)

Uncomparable Quality


It is unfair to compare our seat covers with cheaper universal seat covers, because it will be like comparing a pencil and a diamond just because they are both carbon based.

Every seat cover from us are made only using high quality materials, and tailored by experts to achieve the perfect look that no universal seat covers can attain. One of the reason for this is that our seat covers are designed using the so called OEM Design.

Stay Original

The OEM design, the short form for Original Equipment Manufacturer, that is used by our manufacturer, includes all the original seam pattern of the original seats. This allows you to keep the luxurious seam line of your precious BMW 5 Series.

With the choice between real leather and imitation leather and with the possibility to include suede as well as various colors and additional extras, we make it possible for you to design your own perfect seat covers for your BMW.


What is so special about our Seat Covers?

EVERYTHING about our seat covers is SPECIAL. From the materials, the process, the design, even down to what benefits these seat covers can offer you are special.

Following the OEM (Original Equipment Manufacturer) Design, our seat covers are made according to the size, shape and even down to the seam design of the original design of each BMW 5 Series seats.

With the OEM design, our seat covers will wrap the original seats tight and perfectly like a second skin.

Our real leather or imitation leather materials are manufactured in a way that the seat covers remain breathable.

They allow air to pass through so there is no air bubble trapped between the seat covers and the original seats. Our seat covers are also easy to clean from dust, dirt or even pet hairs!

The seat covers don’t reduce the seat warming function, as they allow heat to pass yet are durable in withstanding heat or cold due to the high quality materials used.

We take all your worries away!

Best Price and Satisfaction Guarantee

Here in Seat-Styler, your wish in protecting and refining your BMW 5 Series interior is guaranteed with the best deal you will ever find. We offer our products starting from €299, which is an extremely low price given all the benefits that you will get as mentioned above!

Not just the low price guarantee, for all of our products, we offer a 3-years manufacturer’s warranty, to reassure you with our products. Our seat covers have also been appraised in German newspaper and TV, for the unique process and high quality results.

If you are still not convinced, get now our seat covers BMW 5 Series , and prove it yourself since all purchases will grant you automatically our 100% money-back warranty! So, what is there to lose? Here, in Seat-Styler, your satisfaction our utmost priority.

100% Satisfied Customers Gallery

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