Comfortable Seat Covers for your Mercedes E-Class Models

 Our current available Mercedes E-class models

Mercedes E-Class s210 – The combination of luxury and reliability

For decades, the E-Class has been the centerpiece of Mercedes-Benz. The strengths of the Stuttgart car maker merge in this car: luxury, comfort, in addition to the most modern techniques that sets standards. Private owners and companies are highly satisfied about the reliability, safety and durability of the different models, especially the s210.

If you are looking for ways to stop the signs of long term use on your seats like tears or coffee stains, then we’ve got you covered!

mercedes classe e w210

Keep your s210’s interior as new as it had ever been!


Our seat covers are customized to fit your own seats, we now offer you the choice between artificial leather, real leather or premium faux leather, you can even mix them up with our special imitation suede to add an extra velvety touch to your interior.

Whichever material you decide to go with, we can guarantee you satisfactory results, because all of our seat covers are made from only the highest quality materials to assure long lasting results!

Our seat covers for the Mercedes E-Class 210 are available for the following models:

mercedes class e s210

Mercedes E-Class s210


mercedes class e w210

The Mercedes E-Class w210


Would you like to see more photos? Visit our gallery!

Our gallery contains thousands of pictures of our customers car seat covers, they sent them to us as an appreciation gift, take a look at their creative, unique designs and be inspired to create your own seat cover!

Mercedes E-Class 211 – An improved driving experience

Mercedes Class E s211

Relish in driving your Mercedes E-Class 211, the third generation of the Mercedes-Benz E-Class. Known for its exquisite performance in long distance drives and high driver comfort.

If you want to keep your valuable Mercedes’s seats protected, then we have the solution for you!

Transform your interior with our custom-made car seat covers!

With our seat covers for the Mercedes E-Class 211, we give you the chance to bring your interior up to date without damaging your original seats!

We create each seat cover according to your own car’s measurements, meaning all of our seat covers fit your own seat perfectly!

custom made Seat Covers 1er e87

Our seat covers Mercedes E-Class are available for the following models:

mercedes class e s211

Mercedes E-Class s211

mercedes classe e w211

Mercedes E-Class w211

More inspiration can be found here in our gallery!

Our gallery is made up from a collection of thousands of photos, which we have recieved from our customers. Send us your car pictures and get special offers!

Premium Quality seat covers for your Evolutionary Mercedes E-Class 212

The fourth generation of the Mercedes E-Class has been around since 2009, the most comfortable and well built.

If you always worry about your precious Mercedes getting dirty, whether from coffee stains or sunlight damage but universal seat covers will take the edge off of your elegant interior, we understand your problem and we know your medicine!

mercedes classe e w212

Your Mercedes E-Class deserves nothing but the best!

Tailor made seat covers BMW

Our Seat-Styler seat covers are the perfect solution that takes all your problems away!

We refuse to work with anything less than premium! All of our seat covers are made from the top quality materials to bring the shine your car was starting to lose! 

You can either choose one of our 8 basic designs or let your imagination run wild and create your very own unique seat cover!

Our seat covers for the Mercedes E-Class are available for the following models:

mercedes class e s212

Mercedes E-Class s212


mercedes class e w212

Mercedes E-Class w212


Is it still not enough for you? Have a look at our gallery!

Thousands of photos, provided by our loyal customers, are waiting to be viewed by you. Let yourself be inspired and design your own seat cover.

Order your Mercedes E-Class seat covers now!

Haven’t decided yet? Then choose one of our timeless Basic Designs.

Or create your own unique combinations! Use our configurator!


Take a look at our customer based photo gallery, each seat cover has been made with precision to perfectly fit your seats.

Our Designs

You can choose between a Basic and a Personalized design. The Basic design option contains 8 prefabricated, plain designs and our Personalized design option offers you an unlimited collection of colours, materials and designs to create your own unique seat cover!

Basic Designs

We have created our Basic Designs for our customers who are looking for a simple yet fancy colour combinations for their interiors. All of them are made from high quality imitation leather, which is not only strong, but also lasts long with real leather-optic appearance. These models come with a ZACASi logo and cost ONLY €349.


D1 Paris Basic Design

Inner Black,
Outer Black,
Black Seam


D2 Tokio Basic Design

Inner Black,
Outer Black,
White Seam


D3 Dubai Basic Design

Inner Beige,
Outer Black,
Beige Seam


D4 Moskau Basic Design

Inner Grey,
Outer Black,
Grey Seam


D5 Monaco Basic Design

Inner Beige,
Outer Beige,
Beige Seam


D6 München Basic Design

Inner Grey,
Outer Grey,
Grey Seam


D7 Berlin Basic Design

Inner White,
Outer Black,
White Seam


D8 Montreal Basic Design

Inner White,
Outer White,
White Seam

Do you like one of the choices above? Order your Basic Design seat covers now!

 Customized Design

Only with Seat-Styler, you are given the opportunity to make your interior one of a kind! Use our Configurator to get a first look of how your seat covers would look like in your car.

We offer various materials, colours and styles, so you can create the seat cover of your liking. Celebrate your individuality in your unique car’s interior!

Configuration Options:


For our seat covers, we only offer premium high quality materials with the choice of Real Leather or Imitation Leather or even in composite with suede imitation. Our materials are manufactured only by our manufacturer ZACASi, upholding our customer satisfaction guarantee.


Artificial Leather

Our classic is the most known material due to its premium quality against its low price. It is also resistant to heat and easily to maintain. The price of our imitation leather seat covers starts from €349.

Car Seat Covers Imitation Suede

Imitation Suede

The plush, soft but strong surface gives an exqusite feel to your car’s interior. Design and combine it now with our imitation leather seat covers for €649 or with our real leather seat covers for €799.

Real leather Material 3

Real Leather

The best choice for a big upgrade of your car’s interior. It is sturdy and it is made with premium quality to resist sunlight, dirt, etc. The perfect choice for a fancier more elegant make over. Prices: from €899.

custom made seat covers

Premium Leather

Choose our newest edition of Premium Faux Leather, it is available in our wide colour collection and is made from even stronger and more sturdy materials. Prices: From 549€

Seam colours

Here in Seat-Styler, you will be surprised by how vast variety our available colours are! available colours for your leather, 4 imitation leather colours, 9 available colours for your suede, 15 newly available premium faux leather material and 16 seams colours! We provide everything to make sure you get the seat covers that you wish.






The small holes allow air to flow and improved the sport appearance of the car interior. Suitable for car with seat heater. Only available for IMITATION LEATHER.

Price: €29. 

Piping extra


Piping creates a more highlighted line definition between the inner and outer materials colour. Available in the 2 colour: black or white.
Price: €49.

Zacasi logo


Include our noble ‘Seat-Styler’ or ‘ZACASi’ logo for free. It is also possible to order the seat covers without logo or with your own logo

(Price may vary).


Design Headrest

Design the headrests, according to your seat covers colours. The headrest will have similar colour as the inner colour of your seat covers.
Price: €29.

Royal Step

Ornamental stitching a more elegant touch. We offer Royal Stitching in several designs; single stitch, double stitch, curved and elegance.

Price: €49.

Royal Step
Single Stitch


Royal Step Double Stitch

tailor made car seat covers

Royal Step


Royal Step Elegance




Symetrical style of ‘Colour 1’+’Colour 2’+’Colour 1’. The middle part will be extended to the top of the back rest and the most front of the seat.

Price: €29.

Learn more about our Materials, Colors and Extras! Discover the uniqueness of our configuration options.

Do you know exactly how your seat covers should look like? Configure your seat covers‘ design now!

About Us

Our Seat Covers for Mercedes E-Class

Your Mercedes-Benz deserves seat covers that live up to its rank as well as comfort.Therefore, we work exclusively together with the manufacturer ZACASi, a cooperation of quality upholstery workshops.

This way, it is guaranteed that all our leather seat covers correspond to a continuously high level and to the OEM template, which is elaborately created by ZACASi. This means that each set of car seat covers is not only authentically manufactured down to the seam stitching, but also all details of the shaping are taken into account.


An Affordable Luxury

Custom made seat covers BMW Series 3 e36

If you have an exact idea of how you want your tailored seat cover for your Mercedes E-Class to look like, then we give you all freedom to define the material, colours or optional extras at Seat-Styler.

With the ZACASi Seat Configurator it is up to you to determine the looks and surface texture of the car seat covers. Choose your favorite among different materials – for the Mercedes E-Class seat covers imitation or real leather are possible. Apart from a smooth surface, you can also go for the smoothed grip of suede. As for the color, light and dark, but also some colorful combinations are available.

What is so special about our Seat Covers?

Our attention to detail and thoroughness is what makes our seat covers spectacular. With our car seat covers, luxury becomes affordable for the Mercedes E-Class.

3 years warranty on seat covers

The Basic Designs are a low-cost alternative to original leather seats. With their perfectly fitting form, which follows the vehicle’s specific size and measurement, our seat covers will look exactly like your original car maker’s seats.

Various designs – all in robust and at the same time soft and smooth artificial leather – can be chosen as: either in one colour or with contrasting inner and outer surface colors. Embellish your Mercedes E-Class by means of seat covers that take a stand: night black as in the design Tokyo, or in sand colors as in Monaco. Because the Basic Designs are very popular among our customers due to their timeless styles, we are able to deliver them within a short time.

Premium Quality Guarantee

Our use of the OEM Design is one of our strongest qualities, we copy the stitching, shape and design of your original manufacturer’s onto our seat covers making them identical to your original seats.

You can also add some optional extras: among the possibilities are, for instance, surface perforation, piping, or a third color in the styling of the back rest. With Seat-Styler you can create unique seat covers.


100% Satisfied Customers Gallery

We highly encourage all of our customers to take part in improving our gallery, to help other customers view their seat covers! send us a picture of the products  you bought. Our gallery is 100% from our satisfied customer and we hope that you will put your trust in our product after looking through the gallery below.

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