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Upgrade your Skoda Octavia’s Interior

List of available Skoda Octavia Car Seat Covers

High Quality Skoda Octavia 1 Seat Covers

After the Czech auto maker Skoda was integrated into the Volkswagen AG at the beginning of the 1990’s, the Octavia I appeared in 1996 as the first car under the new management, as the most successful model of the VW subsidiary.

Especially the relatively low price, along with very good workmanship and pleasant seating capacity, accompanied the image change, and were responsible for its successful reception in the automobile market.

Just as diversely as the model has been overhauled until today, you can likewise upgrade your Skoda Octavia with new seat covers.

skoda 1 1u

The answer to your questions is here: Skoda Octavia 1 anti-stain seat covers

tailor made seat covers Audi A3

For this, apart from our eight Basic Designs made of fine imitation leather, with our online Configurator many different alternatives are at your disposal.

With them, you can put together the desired material combination of suede and smooth or artificial leather by yourself, and define the colors of the surfaces and seams. Also a profiling of the seat covers through piping and individualization of the seams with the Royal Step are not a problem.

Check out our gallery!

We have received thousands of pictures directly from our customers over the years, take a look at our gallery to see their creative designs and get inspired to create your own!

skoda octavia 1 seat covers

Tailor made luxurious seat covers for your Skoda Octavia 2

skoda octavia 2

Skoda Octavia 2 is the second generation of Octavia, it has been introduced in March 2004 with its impressively efficient range engine.

The Skoda Octavia 2 has been around for around 15 years, therefore we would like you to keep its interior protected against wear out and long term use damage.

Have no more worry! With our Skoda Octavia 2 seat covers, we’ve got you covered!

Now it´s time to style your Skoda Octavia 2’s seat covers, Seat-Styler gives you the chance to choose among many colours, materials and optional extras.

Using the OEM design, we will re-create the shape of your original manufacturer’s seats, following the same seam lines and stitching.

Anfertigungszeit und Einbau

Be the first!

The Skoda Octavia 2 is new in our collection, therefore we have not receive any customer pictures yet. Be the first and help others get inspired from your creative seat cover design! Take a look at our gallery to get more inspiration!

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Easy-installation seat covers for your Skoda Octavia 3!

The third generation Octavia has been released on December of 2012, the thrilling and delightful driving experience.This new modern Skoda Octavia looks very nice and has a comfortable interior. It is really pleasant to drive this car. Do you want to make your car interior even more beautiful and comfortable? 

We understand your love for this incredible car. Would you like to keep your valuable Skoda Octavia 3 interior protected? 

skoda octavia 3 5e

Refine your interior!

Car seat protectors

An important feature of all our seat covers is the fabrication with the OEM design. For this, we apply the original seam stitching of the manufacturer, thanks to which the covers visually blend in perfectly with the interior of the vehicle.

We also use anti-stain materials to provide your seats with extra protection and style!


Unfortunately we have no customer pictures of the Skoda Octavia yet. Design your own seat covers or choose one of our 8 basic designs, then send us pictures of your Skoda’s interior!Take a look at our gallery to get more inspiration!

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Buy your Skoda Octavia seat covers now!

Select one of our 8 most loved Basic Designs.

Let your imagination run wild and design your unique seat covers!


Our gallery is made of a collection of our customers car seat covers, check out the seat covers they designed over the years and get inspired to create your own!

Our Design

We offer our seat covers in 2 designs: Basic and Customized. Check out our famous and timeless Basic Designs or create a personalized unique design on your own!

Basic Design

If you are looking for a plain or simple yet adequate look for your interior, choose one of our 8 basic designs, they are all made from premium imitation leather, which is not only sturdy but also anti-stain.


D1 Paris Basic Design

Inner Black,
Outer Black,
Black Seam


D2 Tokio Basic Design

Inner Black,
Outer Black,
White Seam


D3 Dubai Basic Design

Inner Beige,
Outer Black,
Beige Seam


D4 Moskau Basic Design

Inner Grey,
Outer Black,
Grey Seam


D5 Monaco Basic Design

Inner Beige,
Outer Beige,
Beige Seam


D6 München Basic Design

Inner Grey,
Outer Grey,
Grey Seam


D7 Berlin Basic Design

Inner White,
Outer Black,
White Seam


D8 Montreal Basic Design

Inner White,
Outer White,
White Seam

Do you like one of the choices above? Order your Basic Design seat covers now!

Customized Design

Are the basic designs too plain for you? Do you want your interior to look more special? Here at Seat-Styler, using our Configurator you can be your own seat covers‘ designer!

We offer various materials, colours and styles, so you can create the seat covers that suit your preference. Express your personality through your car’s interior.

Configuration Options:


For our seat covers, we only offer premium high quality materials with the choice of Real Leather or Imitation Leather. Our materials are manufactured only by our manufacturer ZACASi, upholding our customer satisfaction guarantee.


Artificial Leather

Our classic is the most famous material because it is made from high quality materials despite its competitive price. It can also withstand heat and can be easily maintained. It is one of our customers favorite for good reasons!


Price: From 299 €

Car Seat Covers Imitation Suede

Imitation Suede

The smooth but strong velvet like surface gives a soft touch to your Skoda Octavia’s interior. Design and combine it now with our imitation leather seat covers for €569 or with our real leather seat covers for €699.


Price : From €569

Real leather Material 3

Real Leather

The best choice for a major upgrade of your interior is our Real Leather seat covers, they will transform your Skoda Octavia’s interior into a more luxurious and elegant interior, make your old car feel brand new!


Prices: from 799€

custom made seat covers

Premium Leather

Our most recent material in our collection is made as a more affordable version of our real leather seat covers. Today, you can choose and combine your favorite material and  colour from our 15 new colours.


Prices: From 499€


Here in Seat-Styler, you will be surprised by how vast variety our available colours are! available colours for your leather, available colours for imitation leather, 13 available colours for your suede, and 16 seams colours! We provide everything to make sure you get the seat covers that you wish.z_garn_1280x700_deu




The small holes permit air to flow and improve the sporty look of the car interior. Perfect for cars with seat heater. Only available for IMITATION LEATHER.

Price: €29. 



Piping creates a more highlighted line definition between the inner and outer materials colour. Available in the 2 colour: black or white.
Price: €49.

Zacasi logo


Include our noble ‘Seat-Styler’ or ‘ZACASi’ logo for free. It is also possible to order the seat covers without logo or with your own logo

(Price may vary).



Design Headrest

Design the headrests, according to your seat covers colours. The headrest will have similar colour as the inner colour of your seat covers.
Price: €29.

Royal Step

Ornamental stitching a more elegant touch. We offer Royal Stitching in several designs; single stitch, double stitch, curved and elegance.

Price: €49.

Royal Step
Single Stitch


Royal Step Double Stitch

tailor made car seat covers

Royal Step


Royal Step Elegance




Symetrical style of ‘Colour 1’+’Colour 2’+’Colour 1’. The middle part will be extended to the top of the back rest and the most front of the seat.

Price: €29.

Read more about our Materials, Colors and Extras! Discover the uniqueness of our configuration options.

Do you know exactly how your seat covers should look like? Configure your seat covers‘ design now!

About Us

Our Seat Covers for Skoda Octavia

Our Skoda Octavia seat covers are produced in handcraft by ZACASi employing the best materials. The perfectly fitting cover, which you can install by yourself step-by-step with help of the video tutorial delivered with your order, is guaranteed through the custom production for every single seat cover of the Skoda Octavia.


Customized seat covers for your Skoda Octavia

Seat Alhambra

Because we replicate the manufacturer’s seam stitching of the original seat protectors,through the applied OEM technique, the ZACASi seat covers naturally complement the interior design of the Skoda Octavia. You are also welcome to convince yourself of the looks from already installed seat protectors in our customer photo Gallery. Your satisfaction is important to us.

What is unique about our Seat Covers?

EVERYTHING about our seat covers is SPECIAL. From the materials, the process, the design, even down to what benefits these seat covers can offer you are special.

Following the OEM (Original Equipment Manufacturer) Design, our seat covers are made according to the size, shape and even down to the seam design of the original design of each Skoda Octavia seats.

3 years warranty on seat covers

We at Seat-Styler, encourage your creativity, we want you to show off your originality, that is why we offer you the chance to create your own design, choose from our wide selection of materials, colours and more extras!

Also with our seat covers we give you an exact fit that can be achieved thanks to the lining underneath the covers and the processing of the materials in many layers. This way, covers slipping out of place and the formation of air cushions are a thing of the past.

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