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Since the beginning in 2003,the VW Transporter is already in its fifth production generation. Just as its forerunners, also the T5 is a light and versatile utility vehicle. Whether for commercial purposes or as a large-capacity limousine for family and leisure activities – for each of these purposes there is a bus in the appropriate version, be it as a minivan/bus, a panel van or a pickup truck. Especially if the bus frequently transports many people, unattractive wear marks quickly appear on the seats. To make them disappear or even avoid their appearance in the first place, the VW T5 seat covers from Seat-Styler are perfect.

As a true-to-detail individual creation by ZACASi, produced following the OEM design, every single seat cover suits the specific characteristics of the respective car model. If you wish to visually upgrade your VW T5 Transporter with a seat cover, simply configure custom-made covers according to your personally desired design, and comfortably send us the order online. Especially if you use your VW Transporter for business-related purposes, a neat, high-quality appearance, which our seat covers can grant your car interior, is a must. The same is true if you want to sell your bus. The experience of our customers from the automobile trade attests that the resale value of a car with installed ZACASi seat covers can increase enormously.

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The outstanding quality of the materials and the premium look are not the only advantages of our seat covers, though. At Seat-Styler.de you have the possibility of designing the seat covers for your VW T5 by yourself. With the help of our Configurator you can decide whether your seat covers should be made of real or artificial leather, and as desired you can combine both materials with suede. Furthermore, you can choose the colors of the seam and of the inner and outer surfaces of the seats right to your personal taste. If your VW bus should turn out a little more colorful, simply combine different colors. Creatively adjust your Transporter to suit its intended purpose. Should it be used rather for vacation tripsor group excursions, brightly colored seat covers are recommended for the VW T5 Transporter. Contrarily, in the business context the design should be plainer. For this, choosing one of our eight elegant Basic Designs is convenient. Mostly styled in plain black, these covers are produced with high-quality ZACASi imitation leather, and all feature the same low price.