How Seat-Styler Seat Covers with OEM Design Differentiate from Common Tailored Seat Covers

The adopted OEM design is one of the most important differences in relation to other products. This means that the original seam stitching of your automaker is adopted in order to guarantee the best possible look. You furnish your car with real leather upholstery, comparable to the original leather upholstery ex factory.

In addition, with the underneath lining and the high-quality materials which are available in many special designs, our custom-tailored seat covers fit like a second skin. We practically offer you a bespoke suit for your car seats! Seam upon seam, tightly fitting, without air cushions and without slipping. Just as in the upholstery workshop, our product consists of a true-to-detail custom production made to measure.

ZACASi sets a New Dimensions

3 years warranty on seat covers

Other suppliers often sell supposedly car-specific tailored seat covers, whereby these are only elastic fabrics that do not possess an OEM stitching. So you might as well just buy a universal protector for your car seats. No elastic material should be simply used, especially on the sides of the seats, but rather premium leather look here as well to achieve the desired appearance.

When buying high-quality seat covers, pay attention to the vehicle-specific, tailored product with OEM design, the employed materials, as well as first-class workmanship. If in doubt, ask to be shown customer photos as reference, to avoid suffering a nasty surprise. At Seat-Styler you can find countless photos of upholstered customer vehicles in our gallery.

Your knowledge of seat covers is history

We have shown different people our seat covers installed in the vehicles of our customers. Asked afterwards, more than 97% of the people could not tell that those were seat covers. Many would not believe it, even when inquired, that those were indeed seat covers. Also, our customers who display their vehicles at motor shows had simialr experiences.

The survey showed that a great part of our customers like the look of our product at least as much as, or even more than the original manufacturer upholstery. Also, a retrofitting of the leather upholstery at an upholsterer could not compete. In such a workshop it is all about a cover – the outermost layer is always the cover of the material; it all comes down to the fitting, the seam stitching and the type of fastening. With Seat-Styler, one enjoys the advantages of original leather upholstery ex factory, but it is lower in costs, avoids the enormous time expenditure and the complicated installation, and it has the advantage of flexibility.

We are regularly told by our business clients that the increase in value thanks to the new leather look raises the selling as well as resale value of the vehicles extensively. The following numbers are based  on the experience of our biggest customers in the area of automobile trade: the resale value of the vehicle increases with the installation up to 300% of the purchase price of the newly built ZACASi seat covers. This makes our product also interesting for professional automobile dealers, who see the retrofitting of the leather seats as an investment that pays off.

What is different about Seat-Styler

The ZACASi products we offer are therefore not your average custom-tailored covers, but vehicle-specific seat covers manufactured with the OEM design, that is, the original seam stitching from the manufacturer. Every part of your seats is draped individually, so that depending on the car model the complete set consists of 15 to 20 tailored components. The brand ZACASi stands for quality, best workmanship and utilisation of only top-quality materials.

That is why we guarantee, upon correct installation:

  • optimal fit, close-fitting as a second skin
  • covers that fit like a glove, without slipping out of place and without air cushions
  • very good seating comfort
  • a top result, as can be seen on our many customer photos
  • satisfaction guarantee including money-back guarantee
  • … and much more … see our WARRANTIES & REFERENCES

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