The Manufacturer ZACASi – Custom-Made Items with Exclusive Leather Look

We at Seat-Styler cultivate a mutual work of many years with the manufacturer ZACASi ®. All leather upholstery offered by Seat-Styler are original ZACASi products. We rely on the outstanding upholstery work of the specialists – because quality comes out on top.


ZACASi® manufactures top-quality automobile leather upholstery following individual customer wishes. They are custom made and always perfectly fitting to the seats, taking into account the particular vehicle specifics.

This is guaranteed by continuous testing procedures and quality control. Many advantages arise with this unique concept of the consortium. The brand ZACASi® stands for tradition and modernity in one, as well as for high demands down to the smallest detail and all around satisfied customers.

The secret of ZACASi

The custom production for you is enabled by different procedures adopted by the manufacturer ZACASi, for example the modeling of the seat covers:

The seat covers consist of custom products made to measure. For every production, the necessary vehicle details are requested in order to ensure the guaranteed perfect fit. At the same time, the ordering process is very simple for the customer. For example, the client’s car does not have to be left to the upholsterer, as is mostly the case.

What is more, all countless and continuously upwards tending variants of the vehicle seats are considered. All kinds of seat shapes, not only normal or sport seats, but also with divided or undivided back rests or different versions of head rests in a single vehicle model, are only an example of the challenges that the ZACASi team successfully faces every day. This vast flow of highly diverse seat molds is an obstacle that small single factories cannot possibly overcome. That is why the ZACASi group of upholstery workshops consists of many establishments, which concentrate their know-how in one exceptional network. Only this way is it possible to have bespoke seat covers produced at low price and with the highest quality standards for many different vehicles.

Essentially, the idea itself is nothing new, since for upholstery establishments this has long stood the test of time. Yet one of the differences to a normal, single upholsterer is that it must measure or eventually improve the seats anew, which generates good part of the time expenditure and costs. Vehicles that are newly modeled by the manufacturer ZACASi go through a minute quality process, with different prototypes. In this complex production process, the specialized staff measures every detail of the seats and test the covers each time on the real vehicle seat before the model is released for selling. Only thus can the necessary fabrication precision be achieved that brings the desired result. Efficiency and permanent striving for perfection also belong to the secrets of ZACASi.